Case Study: How AMD is automating
issue resolution in Slack


AMD is a $5.6b multinational semiconductor manufacturer. Their technologies advance the future of the data center, embedded, gaming and PC markets. 

Goal: Automate resolution of IT issues in Slack (no wrong answers) 

Soon after adopting Slack, “help” channels formed where employees post informal questions and issues related to their devices and applications. Previously, these requests went to an internal IT help desk, but AMD wanted to be able to support users conversationally in this new channel. 

Solution: Accurate responses to user reported  issues  

AMD partnered with Neuron7, using its AI to analyze knowledge base articles, generate Resolution Intelligence, and provide automated responses to casual Slack posts.  

Neuron7 uses natural language processing to understand an issue, find the resolution in seconds, and respond in natural language without sounding like a bot. If Neuron7 is not 100% certain about the resolution, it stays silent so that a human can step in, removing the risk of false positives.

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