Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete Manufacturing Equipment Service Challenges

Leverage AI to provide superior service, minimize field service costs, and innovate new predictive service models.

Equipment downtime is the #1 source of customer dissatisfaction.

Prevent unnecessary field visits, repairs, and parts to reduce cost & risk. Remote diagnosis is the key.

Insights like Fault isolation are critical for margins, inventory management.

Industry moving towards Uptime-as-a-Service and Predictive Service models.

Deliver Uptime-as-a-Service for Your Customers

Create Impactful Service Outcomes with Neuron7

Neuron7 Service Intelligence Methodology

Activate a Neuron7 account, and start training Neuron7 AI. Begin seeing issue resolution predictions in two weeks. 

Plug-and-play setup – no complex data integration and preparation, no data engineering.  

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"Within 2 weeks, our newest service techs were resolving complex issues
15% more effectively than our most seasoned staff."