Technology: Software, Hardware & Devices

Resolve Technology Service Issues Faster with AI

Transform support for software, hardware, and high-tech devices & appliances with AI-powered resolution intelligence.

Complex service environment created by numerous product models, each with specific components, errors, and resolutions.

Service productivity gets impacted by product configuration complexity and rate of change.

Mis-diagnosis is easy due to hardware, software, and firmware issues. 

Asset downtime is very expensive for customers. Hence Turnaround Time (TAT)/MTR is a critical service metric in high-tech and medical devices.

Infuse AI Throughout Your Service Journey & CX Systems

Create Impactful Service Outcomes with Neuron7

Neuron7 Service Intelligence Methodology

Activate a Neuron7 account, and start training Neuron7 AI. Begin seeing issue resolution predictions in two weeks. 

Plug-and-play setup – no complex data integration and preparation, no data engineering.  

Empower Your Teams with Neuron7

"Within 2 weeks, our newest service techs were resolving complex issues
15% more effectively than our most seasoned staff."