Multilingual AI for Global Service Organizations

Global service organizations usually have knowledge in different languages, spread across vast data sources and in the minds of individuals. With Service Resolution Intelligence, it’s now possible to bring this knowledge together into a single system of intelligence. 

Supporting multiple languages is critical for AI to scale across multi-national service environments. Without this capability, valuable service data remain siloed in disparate regions, inaccessible to teams worldwide.

A Single (Multilingual) System of Service Intelligence

Neuron7 brings together knowledge from people, data, and interactions across your service environment, in any language, to create a single system of intelligence called a Smart Resolution Hub.


The Smart Resolution Hub provides turn-by-turn guidance to resolve issues and optimizes resolution paths with every interaction, in real time. This represents a massive paradigm shift in service. With multilingual support capabilities, this means your Smart Resolution Hub connects the entire organization with the most accurate resolution information, anywhere in the world.

Impacts of Global Knowledge Sharing

With a single system of service intelligence, Neuron7 empowers global teams with the most accurate, up-to-date resolutions. 

Regardless of the language of the original data source or the latest knowledge about an issue, the best resolution path is available in any user’s language in real time. For example, a field technician in Germany will see a resolution path that was optimized by an engineer in Japan facing the same issue the day before.

Unlocking service intelligence previously siloed due to language barriers fundamentally changes the service of products that are new to a given region. From day one, agents, engineers, and technicians can tap into the historical knowledge from regions where a product has been in use for years. Language is no longer a silo.

“Being a global organization with constantly evolving technology, we are collecting data all over the world with Neuron7. This benefits regions which may have never used some of the products that are being rolled out.”
Tom Shanks
Director of Operations, TK Elevator​
Neuron7’s AI solutions offer a completely new approach to global deployments, delivering 90%+ resolution accuracy in the world’s largest organizations. To learn more about Neuron7’s approach to multilingual deployment capabilities, get in touch at

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