Your Resolution System of Record

“Within 2 weeks, our newest service techs were resolving complex issues 15% more effectively than our most seasoned staff.”

Collective Intelligence Across
Channels Service Tiers Engineering Customers Data Sources The Enterprise

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI-powered Collective Intelligence captures HOW issues are resolved from your existing customer service experts and data sources, and use that information to improve metrics across all tiers of service.

Neuron7 unlocks tribal knowledge
across all service tiers, guiding
people to resolution in seconds.

Neuron7 is easy to learn and use; it
integrates seamlessly with your existing
service systems, portals, and bots.
Pick and choose AI-powered Neuron7
modules that meet your specific customer
service model.
Neuron7's scalable Natural Language
Processing (NLP) and AI technology
captures and shares HOW issues are
resolved, leading to more efficient
and profitable customer service.

Neuron7 is fueled by your entire body
of customer service data, structured and
unstructured. It extracts information
automatically, without any data engineering
or data science on your part.

Collective Intelligence Modules for all Service Tiers

Neuron7 enhances your entire body of enterprise service knowledge with AI to predict the exact resolution, cost, parts, and skills needed to fix any incoming issue in 3 seconds.

Intelligent Search

Powered by NLP and federated search, Neuron7 understands the human context of questions to find the exact answer on the right page from among thousands of KB articles, product manuals, and support call transcripts, etc.

Light years ahead of keyword-based content search, Intelligent Search helps agents in the call center, technicians in the field, and customers seeking self-service.

Improve call deflection, first time resolution, service productivity, and prevent escalation to engineering.

Auto-Resolution Bot

Resolve common issues instantly & deflect calls​ via hman-like automated responses across self-service portals, Slack, and Teams, etc.​

Auto-resolution enables intelligent swarming by bringing a system of intelligence to chat bots and self-service portals.

Resolve issues instantly, increase self-service success rate, raise CSAT, deflect more first calls, and increase ROI on bot and service portal investments.

Intelligent Predictions

Intelligent Predictions puts agents and technicians on the fastest path to resolution by guiding them in a navigation app-like way through the triage and diagnostic process.

Diagnose before dispatch! AI-powered Neuron7 predicts the accurate symptom code or category from 100s of possibilities​. It makes critical triage predictions like hardware vs. software issues, or repair vs. replace​.

Improves first call resolution, reduces parts wastage, truck rolls, and repeat visits.

Intelligent Diagnostics

AI-based predictions extracted from historic data and crowd-sourced from experts (collective intelligence) capture ”how” technicians diagnose and solve each issue – the right way to capture tribal knowledge​

Micro predictions at each step of the diagnostic process lead technicians to success for every issue across every product model. A built-in governance model keeps resolution data pristine and able to resolve every point of failure ​

​Enable junior techs to perform like experts, reduce personnel onboarding timelines and costs, bridge the gap between service and engineering.


Intelligent Telemetry

Intelligent Telemetry builds on the theme of Tribal Knowledge Capture by recording how technicians interpret device data.

The module allows you to define features, select AL models, and train anomaly detection so that your resolutions system of record can convert streams of bits sent by connected devices into actionable insights for your service personnel. 

The module helps you visualizes anomalies, and a direct interface with the Intelligent Predictions module allows user to make specific anomalies part of the diagnostic process.

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