Resolution Intelligence for Service

“Within 2 weeks, our newest service technicians were resolving complex issues 15% more effectively than our most seasoned staff.”

AI-Powered Predictions Across
Channels Service Tiers Engineering Customers Data Sources The Enterprise

Diagnose & resolve service issues in seconds at every step of the service journey: enable customer self-service, assist call center agents, and guide field service technicians through complex repairs.

Neuron7 uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze how issues are solved and shares the optimum resolution path for any issue, and any product, on any channel.

Neuron7 unlocks tribal knowledge
across all service tiers, guiding
people to resolution in seconds.

Neuron7 is easy to learn and use; it
integrates seamlessly with your existing
service systems, portals, and bots.
Pick and choose AI-powered Neuron7
modules that meet your specific customer
service model.
Neuron7's scalable Natural Language
Processing (NLP) and AI technology
captures and shares HOW issues are
resolved, leading to more efficient
and profitable customer service.

Neuron7 is fueled by your entire body
of customer service data, structured and
unstructured. It extracts information
automatically, without any data engineering
or data science on your part.

Solutions for All Service Tiers

Resolution intelligence enables self-service, helps call center agents, and empowers field service technicians.

Start with your biggest pain point and use Neuron7’s modular AI solutions to solve for it. Deflect calls, resolve issues faster, reduce parts wastage, or capture expert knowledge with resolution intelligence that is integrated within existing workflows. 

N7 Diagnostic Intelligence

Help field service technicians diagnose & resolve issues for devices, equipment, software, and appliances with resolution steps that you can curate to elegantly capturing expert knowledge at scale.


Field Service Technicians Using AI
Intelligent Search for Customer & Field Service

N7 Intelligent Search

Find information easily with AI-powered search that understands your service language and context. Neuron7 search points to the exact answer and helps identify gaps in your knowledge base.

N7 Service Predictions

Help agents triage, route, and resolve service calls within any existing CRM or service channel. Neuron7 predicts issue category, resolution actions, time to fix, cost, and skills & parts needed.

N7 Automated Resolutions

Provide immediate resolutions to simple issues in conversational applications. Neuron7 speaks up with resolutions in chat or your self-service portal (and stays silent if it doesn’t know the answer).

Additional Services & Benefits

AI Data Readiness: Let us guide and partner with you to prepare your data for AI consumption.  Our AI experts review your data structure and quality across data sources and provide recommendations to start improving your data right away. 

Analytics: All Neuron7 solutions provide actionable insights for your service business. Identify your technician superheroes, analyze mean time to repair, and more.

See What Neuron7 Can Do For You

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