Resolution Intelligence for Service

“Neuron7’s AI analyzes your service data to diagnose & resolve issues in seconds within your CRM, chat, or other existing workflow.”

Resolution Intelligence Across
Channels Service Tiers Engineering Customers Data Sources The Enterprise

understands service data
capture expert knowledge
within your CRM
complex service environments

Understands Your Service Data

Neuron7’s AI analyzes manuals, KB articles, past cases, IOT device data, and any other structured or unstructured data.

Diagnoses & Resolves Issues

Neuron7 gives you accurate resolution intelligence within your CRM, conversational application, or any other existing workflow.

Continually Learns

Neuron7 learns as you use it, elegantly capturing expert knowledge. Your experts curate or override the AI at any time.

Designed for Complex Service

AI at scale for global teams with thousands of products including combinations of software, hardware, and firmware.


Solutions for Every Step of the Service Journey

N7 Intelligent Diagnostics

  • Diagnose & resolve issues with 95%+ accuracy
  • Guided step-by-step resolutions to complex issues
  • Elegantly capture expert knowledge
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N7 Intelligent Search

  • Find information easily with search built for service
  • Get the exact answer you need, not a list of links
  • Identify gaps in your knowledge base

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N7 ResolutionGPT

  • Resolve issues in chat or a self-service portal
  • Accurate, guided step-by-step resolutions
  • Generative AI’s conversational capabilities
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N7 Service Predictions

  • Triage and route calls in seconds
  • Identify issue type, skills & parts needed, time to fix
  • Get links directly to resolution steps
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“Within 2 weeks, new service technicians resolved complex issues
50% more effectively than our most seasoned staff.”

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