About Neuron7

Our vision is to enable enterprises that make every single service decision using Collective Service Intelligence, accurately.

Neuron7 Core Values

Neuron7 Service Intelligence is ready to work with your industry-specific datasets, systems, and stakeholders. Learn how AI can improve customer service experiences and metrics in your industry.


We mean what we say, we respect others, and we do business the right way.


Through continuous knowledge acquisition, we strive to solve problems that haven’t been solved before.


The reason we exist. And we are passionate about their success.

Collective Intelligence

The respect we have for the intelligence and capabilities of one another fosters boundless collaboration.

Neuron7 Team Members

Neuron7 Board Members

Niken Patel
CEO, Neuron7

Vinay Saini
Head of Customer & Product Delivery, Neuron7

Bill Binch
Operating Partner,
Battery Ventures

Abhishek Sharma
Managing Director,
Nexus Venture Partners

Neuron7 Investors

Neuron7 Investors & Advisors

Ashish Agarwal
CEO, Neudesic Global Services

John Capaldi
SVP, Celonis

Akash Palkhiwala
CFO, Qualcomm

Dharmesh Thakker
General Partner, Battery Ventures