Diagnose & Resolve Issues in Seconds.

Neuron7 creates a resolution system of record to guide agents, technical support, and field service teams through every issue.

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Customers Improving Outcomes in Support Field Service Self Service Engineering

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End-to-End Resolution Intelligence

Enable Customer Self-Service

Help customers resolve issues. AI-powered search points to an exact answer and the exact page in a knowledge base article. Simple issues in chat are resolved automatically.

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Assist Support Agents

Help call center agents triage and route calls. Neuron7 accurately predicts issue category, skills & parts needed, and time to fix. View step-by-step resolutions in your existing CRM.

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Empower Field Service Teams

Help technicians repair complex equipment and devices. Neuron7’s AI provides step-by-step guidance to resolve issues quickly, accurately, and without using unnecessary parts.

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Capture Expert Knowledge

Neuron7 creates a resolution system of record that continually learns as your experts use or override its AI predictions. Enable new team members to perform like experts.

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Unlock Unstructured Data

Use AI to extract knowledge about how issues are solved. Product manuals, past cases, knowledge base articles, and cheat sheets contain insight to improve overall service quality.

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One Solution for All Service Tiers

Self Service

Resolve issues instantly
Deflect calls
Light-years ahead of search
Increase self-service ROI

Support Centers

First call resolutions
Average call handle time
Accurate triage

Customer satisfaction (CSAT)

Field Service

First time fix rate
Uptime & turnaround time
Reduce parts wastage
Mean time to resolution (MTTR)


Reduce support interruptions
Increase R&D velocity
Machine-to-machine support

Neuron7 Improves Service Metrics

"Within 2 weeks, our newest service techs were resolving complex issues
15% more effectively than our most seasoned staff."