Case study: How a rapidly growing field service team
improves service quality with AI


Burroughs, Inc. is the largest independent services integration provider in North America for payment and transaction automation, self-service, IoT, and other technology investments.

The Goal: Empower a large, growing field service organization

As a result of accelerated growth, Burroughs wanted to better support their large, geographically dispersed field service team by providing step-by-step resolution guidance to improve first-time-fix rates and reduce equipment downtime. They also wanted to enhance knowledge sharing and enable faster onboarding of new team members.

300,000 devices managed
650+ service technicians across North America

The Solution: Search and diagnostics to guide teams and capture expert knowledge  

Burroughs partnered with Neuron7 to empower field service teams via AI-generated resolution intelligence. N7 Intelligent Diagnostics analyzes past service calls, knowledge base articles, training documents, and product manuals to generate guided step-by-step resolutions for any issue.

With N7 Intelligent Search the Burroughs team will also be able to find the exact page in an article where the answer appears for more context. With more accurate resolution pathways and better insights into technology, asset, and parts performance, Burroughs expects to realize significant benefits related to troubleshooting, resolve times, and parts usage.

Every 90 seconds a service call is resolved
400,000+ service calls annually

What’s Next: Expanding resolution intelligence to more teams 

Burroughs identified that Neuron7’s solutions could help teams across other departments find information easier and assist with additional onboarding and training functions. Burroughs plans to use resolution intelligence to train internal users on new systems and processes and is exploring opportunities to expand their digital-first, remote-first service and support capabilities to improve equipment and device uptime, reduce unnecessary parts spending, and enhance overall customer experience.

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