How Ciena uses to enable customer self-service


Ciena is a global $3.6b telecommunications company with sophisticated photonics equipment, software-enabled automation products, and network management systems.

Goal: Enable self-service for simple issues 

Despite robust knowledge base articles and search engines, Ciena logged 7,000+ support cases each year for simple issues that should have been easily resolved. Service leadership wanted to innovate and find a better way with AI.

Ciena and Neuron7 by the Numbers

Step one: Give call center agents “one right answer”

Ciena partnered with Neuron7 to analyze knowledge base articles and past cases to find the best resolution for each issue. They identified “one right answer” and the most relevant knowledge base article to share with a call center agent (instead of multiple, confusing options).

Step two: Automate resolutions for customers

After validating “one right answer” with call center agents, Ciena is able to bring that insight directly to customers and automatically resolve issues in chat or the service portal.

What’s Next: Continually improving service data

Ciena is using to create continuous learning through feedback loops, enrich metadata with large language models (LLMs), and analyze technical documentation. This will power the resolution of more complex cases and enable a shift to predictive service.

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