Case Study: How Ciena improved efficiency by
deflecting calls for recurring issues


Ciena is a $3.6b telecommunications networking equipment and software services supplier. As the global leader in optical and routing systems, services, and automation software, Ciena provides adaptive networks that deliver richer, more connected experiences.

The Goal: Deflect Calls for Frequently Occurring Issues 

Global service leaders at Ciena wanted to improve customer experience while increasing efficiency by deflecting calls for simple, frequently occurring issues. More than 7,500 calls each year were for repetitive issues that could be easily answered and did not require a case.  

7,500 cases

The Solution: AI Predictions to Guide Call Center Agents

Ciena partnered with Neuron7 to resolve simple, recurring cases more effectively by presenting their call center agents with the single best way to resolve their problems. Ciena found that traditional search-based deflection attempts that presented multiple options confused users. Instead, Ciena wanted to use Neuron7’s AI to identify the best answer and provide a single knowledge base article to resolve an issue. To do this, Neuron7 analyzes heterogeneous data sources, such as knowledge base articles and case history, and ranks the viable answers to find the best solution.

What’s Next: Automated Resolutions in Conversational Apps

After validating AI-generated service predictions with call center agents, Ciena will launch N7 Automated Resolutions to provide immediate, automated responses to common issues in chat and a service portal. This will drive efficiency by deflecting calls, while improving the customer experience and first-time fix rate. Long term, Ciena plans to use Neuron7 AI for complex cases and eventually do predictive management of issues. 

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