NCR Atleos Streamlines Global Field Service with AI

NCR Atleos is a $4.1B global enterprise that helps banks and retailers deliver best-in-class self-service banking for consumers through industry-leading technologies, unmatched global services capabilities, and the largest surcharge-free network and expertise in running ATM networks.

Goal: Improve field service quality (and the bottom line) by empowering technicians and reducing inefficiencies 

NCR Atleos wanted to make it easier for field service engineers to do their best work. With 17 places for engineers to find knowledge base articles, manuals and parts, NCR identified huge potential to make it easier for customer engineers to find critical information to resolve issues.

Some inefficiencies included too much time on repetitive customer service inquiries, a high number of revisits due to incorrect fix, and a confusing parts ordering systems that negatively impacted first time fix rates.

Solution: Search that understands your service data and points to exact answers

NCR understands that technology is key to transforming field service and partnered with Neuron7 to bring AI-generated resolution intelligence to the team. With N7 Intelligent Search, technicians find the “one right answer” to resolve an issue from NCR’s knowledge base articles, engineering documentation, call notes, training videos, and complex part information. This reduces dependency on multiple knowledge platforms and enables faster resolutions. 

"Neuron7 wants to know what you need solved and intensely focus on what those things are, what are your KPIs, what are your measurements, what are the things that you need fixed and effectively focus their product on exactly that in a solutions-oriented partnership."

What’s Next: Expanded resolution intelligence to empower teams globally 

NCR wants to standardize a scalable engineering approach across the organization globally and is working with Neuron7 to make resolution intelligence available around the globe in multiple languages. 

AI-generated resolution intelligence increases the speed, accuracy and comprehensiveness of information that engineers and technicians receive in response to technical inquiries and will play a key role in NCR’s digital transformation strategy while improving the work environment for technical support teams. 

By the Numbers:
10,000 Neuron7 users 
92% accuracy
25% reduction in revisits 
5 minutes saved per 90 minute call
400,000 minutes saved in first quarter
2.5 months until N7 paid for itself
80,000+ ATM installation base
45,000 knowledge base articles
140+ countries supported
8 languages
6m+ truck rolls annually

"The Neuron7 product really gets to exactly what we needed...a product that levels the playing field for newly onboarded technicians to be just as successful as a 10-year."

By partnering with Neuron7, NCR Atleos creates a continuously learning system of intelligence that empowers field service teams, resolve issues faster, reduce parts wastage, and completely transform their global service organization. 

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Resolve issues faster with AI that understands your service data and continually learns as you use it.