Case Study: How a hospital helped agents
answer billing questions with search

Parkview Health

Parkview Health, a $2B regional hospital network, wanted to empower its call center agents to answer billing questions from patients trying to navigate complex medical and insurance issues. 

The Challenge: Help Agents Easily Find Answers to Patient Questions

The information that the agents needed was stored within multiple, large repositories, while the agents relied on thin clients (lightweight computers with no hard drive) that lacked the processing power to search at scale.  

Call center management considered upgrading the team’s computers, but it was an expensive solution. They spoke to multiple vendors and were unable to find a technical solution that met their needs.

342 knowledge repositories, 15,000 content pages

The Solution: AI-Powered Search 

The hospital network finally found the solution that they were looking for in N7 Intelligent Search. After reviewing business goals and technical requirements, Neuron7 built a proof of concept (POC) in a matter of days.

Call center agents can run sophisticated searches (without requiring more processing power) in a Google-like interface that supports keyword search, exact search, proximity search, and optical character recognition.

The Results: Powerful Search that Works on Lightweight Computers

The hospital’s call center agents now use N7 Intelligent Search to find answers to patient questions and perform sophisticated searches with their existing hardware.

The hospital is able to see all of the search queries, including searches with no results. This helps identify gaps in knowledge that they use to proactively create content that answers common questions.

About N7 Intelligent Search

AI-powered search helps customers, agents, and technicians find the most relevant information and improve key service metrics, including:

  • Call deflection
  • First time resolutions
  • Reduced call handle time

Neuron7 helps our team members find the right policies, procedures, and tools needed to perform daily tasks and assist patients. It has filled a gap that multiple other companies could not and helps improve our co-workers' productivity.

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