Case Study: How Softtek reduced call handle time
from 7 minutes to 1 minute

A $3.7b global technology services company with 400+ clients wanted to improve support for a client with 1,500 restaurants. They needed a tool to categorize issues and resolve issues quickly for point of sale (POS) systems, kiosks, and other applications.

The Challenge: Help Agents Categorize Issues & Find the Right SOP

Softtek supports the client’s point-of-sale (POS), kiosks, back-of-house systems, infrastructure, and applications for 1,500 restaurants in 120+airports. With 450 possible issue categories and sub-categories, call center agents struggled to classify incoming issues correctly.

Finding the right standard operating procedure (SOP) and associated resolution steps was the longest step impacting average call handle time. The format of SOP documents did not clearly identify the issue in a searchable way, which further compounded the issue.

The Solution: Accurate Issue Identification & Resolution

Softtek partnered with Neuron7 to bring N7 Service Predictions to the restaurant service desk, using AI to analyze data from disparate data sources to accurately identify issue categories and resolution steps.

Neuron7’s AI correlated each issue and its corresponding SOP and extracted resolution steps into easy to follow instructions. The service predictions and action steps were readily available to agents within ServiceNow.

softtek roi graphic

”Softtek partnered with Neuron7 to bring the power of AI and ML to our support service desk and field service. It helps us achieve our most important service metrics–increased first call resolutions, reduced average call handle time, and the ability of junior reps to perform at the level of experts, with its continuously improving AI.”

The Results: Time Spent Finding the Right SOP Reduced by 80% 

The service desk started using N7 Service Predictions for their most complex cases. The time spent finding the right SOP reduced by 80% and the average call handle time decreased from 7 minutes to 1 minute.

Based on these efficiency gains and decrease in escalations, use of Neuron7 will expand to cover more cases as well as tier 2 and 3 support with additional Neuron7 modules.

Video: Top AI Use Cases for Customer Service- Doing More with Less

Hear how Softtek used Neuron7 AI to manage complexity, improve key metrics and reduce costs in their service organization.  Also learn about key use cases for AI, including intelligent search, service predictions, and step-by-step guided resolutions for even the most complex technology products and services. 

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