AI-Generated Resolution Intelligence
for Field Service

Help Technicians Diagnose & Resolve Issues Faster

Neuron7 uses AI to analyze how issues are solved in your organization: product manuals, knowledge base articles, technician notes, and any other structured or unstructured data.

Then, Neuron7 accurately diagnoses issues and guides your technicians step-by-step resolutions to fix complex devices, machinery, equipment, and technical products.

Neuron7 continually learns and captures your expert knowledge, making resolution intelligence accessible in existing workflows. 

Benefits of AI-Generated Resolution Intelligence
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Resolution Time

Equipment is back online faster and your mean-time-to-repair goes down

First Time Fix

Reduce the need for multiple service calls for the same issue

Parts Wastage

Stop throwing parts at the problem. Instead, find the right part immediately


Scores go up when fixes are fast and done right the first time

Find Information Easily (Search)

AI-powered search surfaces the most relevant results

Capture Knowledge

As older workers retire in record numbers, make sure you retain their expertise

Technician Productivity

Eliminate the learning curve for new technicians


Learn which repairs are happening most often, predict which parts you’ll need more of, and more

Neuron7 successfully predicted most of the service order resolutions in production, at a 92.6% accuracy. The average awaiting parts cycle improvement was 8%, and the average Isolation time saw an improvement of 50%, even with junior technicians! Excellent results.​

Repair & Field Service Head, Neuron7 customer

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Integrate Resolution Intelligence in Existing Workflows

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