N7 Intelligent Diagnostics

Guided Step-by-Step Resolutions for Complex Service Issues. Learn More:

AI for Complex Service Environments

N7 Intelligent Diagnostics helps enterprise service organizations with thousands of products, combinations of hardware, software, and firmware, and global teams.

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analyze service data

Diagnose & Resolve Issues in Seconds

By analyzing your organization’s service manuals, past cases, knowledge base articles, or any other data, N7 diagnoses and resolves service issues with 95%+ accuracy.

Guided Step-by-Step Resolutions

N7 Intelligent Diagnostics gives you recommended steps to resolve issues quickly and efficiently (even with co-occurring issues), integrated within your existing CRM, chat, or any other workflow.

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capture expert knowledge

Capture Expert Knowledge as You Use It

Your subject matter experts curate the AI predictions to ensure accuracy. Neuron7 learns as you use it, elegantly capturing expert knowledge as your teams accept or add to recommendations.
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Swisslog Healthcare

Time spent looking for information is the #2 least favorite part of a technician’s day-to-day job.

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