TransLogic's Resolution Intelligence for Field Service

TransLogic provides computerized tube systems that transport materials within healthcare facilities. Swisslog Healthcare is a global company specializing in automation to enhance the patient experience. 

Goal: Capture & Share Knowledge to Empower Field Service

TransLogic’s material transport systems play an integral role in patient care. Uptime is important, and any downtime or service delays negatively impact CSAT and customer retention.

Service is becoming more complex, while the average seniority of technicians is decreasing, retirements are on the horizon, and finding new talent is difficult. Knowledge capture is a top priority for TransLogic.

Managing newer technicians required visibility into service performance, including the ability to identify strengths and pinpoint performance improvement and training opportunities. 

“The beautiful thing about Neuron7 is that you can take resolutions from case history and instead of 3 hours of troubleshooting, the technician has the answer in 3 seconds."

Solution: Continuously Learning Resolution Intelligence 

TransLogic partnered with to deploy Intelligent Diagnostics and Intelligent Search. Neuron7 analyzed past cases and service manuals to identify the best resolution path for every issue, and every product, and identify the most relevant service document. 

Neuron7 provides turn-by-turn guidance to resolve issues and points to the exact section in a document for more context, all within their existing Salesforce workflow. 

First, Neuron7 uses AI to generate resolution intelligence that is curated by subject matter experts. Neuron7 then learns from every interaction, creating and sharing the best resolution paths in real time.

Resolve Issues Faster, Minimize Escalations, Reduce Parts, and Improve CSAT

Now, any team member can identify the best resolution path for any issue, get step-by-step guidance, and easily find the most relevant documentation. 

Neuron7 is available across software support, hardware engineering, and software engineering, creating a shared, continually updating source of truth. This allows TransLogic to better balance cross-functional efforts and minimize escalations to engineering. 

Neuron7 improves service quality, customer satisfaction scores (CSAT), and retention while empowering technicians, reducing training costs, and enabling faster onboarding. 

By the Numbers

96% accuracy

18% increase in service level

960 warranty hours saved

45% reduction in wait time

2,700 systems

10,000 transactions daily

9,500 searches

31% reduction in abandonment

"What the engineer puts in a book and what the technician does in the field don’t always line up. Neuron7 allows us to modify the procedure so when a new technician asks ‘how do I do this?’, it’s not an hour long process.”

By partnering with Neuron7, TransLogic is investing in a single system of intelligence to empower service teams and engineers, resolves issues faster, and help the organization deliver best-in-class operational technology to customers.

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Resolve issues faster with AI that understands your service data and continually learns as you use it.