TransLogic is building a resolution system of record
to increase customer retention and CSAT

TransLogic - a Division of Swisslog Healthcare

Swisslog Healthcare is a global company specializing in healthcare and transport automation to support efficiency and enhance the patient experience. TransLogic is a division of Swisslog Healthcare which focuses solely on pneumatic tube systems in North America.

The Challenge: Lowering the Call Backlog, Minimizing Escalations, and Reducing Parts Wastage

TransLogic, a Swisslog Healthcare division, provides pneumatic tube systems to transport materials primarily within healthcare facilities. With more than 10,000 transactions per day, keeping tube systems running is a critical operation supporting patient care. Because any service issues or delays in customer response negatively impact customer satisfaction and retention, TransLogic sought a digital application to aid in managing incoming customer inquiries and ongoing servicing.

Like many well established companies, TransLogic faces the pending retirement of seasoned employees and the ongoing market challenges of finding new talent. Managing these employee concerns requires visibility into service performance which must include the ability to analyze and identify strengths among support technicians while pinpointing performance improvement and training opportunities. 

With a shared source of truth for service and engineering, TransLogic can better balance cross-functional efforts, lowering the call backlog, minimizing escalations to engineering, and reducing parts wastage. Collectively managing these shifts will improve customer retention and increase Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT).

The Solution: A Continuously Learning Resolution System of Record

TransLogic  deployed Neuron7’s Diagnostic Intelligence, an AI solution that extracts intelligence from various data sources, curated by subject matter experts. Instead of focusing on top vs. bottom performers, any team member can find the right answer, the first time, to reduce the average call handle time for agents, software support, hardware engineers, and software engineers alike.

Additionally, TransLogic can more easily analyze search queries to identify content gaps, reduce training costs, minimize onboarding time, and reduce escalations to supervisors and subject matter experts.

By partnering with Neuron7, TransLogic is investing in a continuously learning resolution system of record that will help the organization deliver best-in-class operational technology that is more than just a tube system.


The Head of Customer Care on AI Transformation

Watch Dave Hartley, VP of Customer Care, at Translogic, a division of Swisslog Healthcare talk about “How AI Provides Resolution for Customer & Field Service” with Neuron7 and Service Council.