Cure Your AI Hangover with Neuron7

Burned by AI? Many so-called AI solutions are actually rules engines

AI works by analyzing vast amounts of data using algorithms to identify patterns and generate insights. AI continually learns and is good at identifying causes and next steps.

AI is NOT a set of static rules. Many “AI” companies are actually rules engines that become less accurate as your business (inevitably) evolves. 

Neuron AI Solutions

Rules Engines

Insight at Scale

Analyzes ALL products, errors, and resolution steps

Can’t scale to process and analyze data for complex product portfolios 

Feedback Loop

Continually learns and updates insights in real time

Rules quickly become stale and need to be manually updated

Collective Intelligence​

Generates insights based on ALL users to increase accuracy

Dependent on rules set by one or few designated people

"Dark Data"

Discovers gold in structured and unstructured data from any source

Omits key data sources like technician notes and customer descriptions

Human Context

Discovers Natural Language Processing (NLP) understands meaning immediately

Limited to text analysis based on manual rules



Gives you an AI hangover

With Neuron7, you can analyze data from any source to build a continually learning resolution system of record. Help your customers, agents, and technicians resolve issues in seconds.  

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