Neuron7’s 3 Steps to Service AI

Many service leaders understand the potential for AI to resolve issues faster, empower teams, and improve service efficiency, but worry their data is not “AI-ready”.  

Data is messy. Service data is stored in various systems, with inconsistencies and combinations of structured and unstructured data. Many companies fear that AI won’t work on their data. understands the complexity of service data and works hand in hand to make your data work with AI. 

We provide AI-as-a-service, meaning that we partner with you at every step of the AI journey to ensure that you see early results and ongoing resolution accuracy. Here’s how it works:   

Step 1: Data Assessment 

Provide a data sample. We’ll evaluate it and give you a realistic assessment including actionable steps to improve data quality going forward while working on a plan to start using your existing data. 

Step 2: AI Prediction Review 

Next, Neuron7 will show you  AI predictions based on your historical data. Your subject matter experts will assess our ‘out of the box’ prediction accuracy while learning how to curate data for even better AI results. 

Once you see how easy a small data set is, you’re ready to bring all products into production with your subject matter experts.   This step can take a few weeks to months but depends on how many devices and issues you have, as well as your subject matter experts’ availability. 

Step 3: Continuous Learning Kicks In 

Once your predictions reach an acceptable level of accuracy (typically around 80%+) let your service organization access the predictions. As your agents, technicians, and engineers use it, Neuron7 learns from every interaction to reach 90%+ accuracy that improves over time.

An AI deployment should take months, not years. Neuron7 will work with your people across teams and help you at every step of the process. 

 According to Gartner, “Customer service leaders plan to substantially increase their adoption of AI capabilities in the next two years” because of its potential to deliver better customer service experiences. The earlier you start researching AI for service and prepare your data, the earlier you can reap its benefits.  

Ready to get started on your AI journey? Get in touch at  and let’s start building your AI transformation strategy.   

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