AI for Complex Service Organizations

Complex products are all around us: wifi routers, elevators, point-of-sale systems, ultrasound machines, airport scanners, industrial machinery, connected IOT devices, and countless more devices with increasingly sophisticated combinations of hardware, software, and firmware. 

The traditional approach to resolve issues using knowledge base articles doesn’t work at scale.

Why is customer support so challenging?

Enterprise organizations that support thousands of products and models may have tens of thousands of potential malfunctions, hundreds of thousands potential resolution paths and steps. 

The scale is beyond human capacity to manage, and information about how to resolve issues is siloed in knowledge based articles (that may be outdated), product manuals (that need to be searched through), past case notes (usually unstructured) or in the heads of your experts, making it next to impossible to find the best resolution quickly. 

Customer Service Complexity

Global service organizations face another layer of complexity with pockets of expertise geographically dispersed and teams operating in different languages.

And if that’s not enough, many organizations are losing knowledge as experts leave the business, while new workers are left without adequate training and accustomed to being able to access information easily using technology.

AI is uniquely suited to address the complexity and scale of enterprise service

Artificial intelligence (AI) cuts through complexity with its ability to analyze massive amounts of information, identify patterns, predict answers, and continually learn. But while everyone is talking about AI, not all AI is the same. 

At Neuron7, we use AI to solve problems that are beyond the capacity of humans to solve on their own, that are purpose-built to help people in the complex service world. 

"Everyone is talking about AI, but not all AI is the same."

We help call center agents accurately categorize a service issue and suggest the right resolution to make a customer happy in seconds. 

We help field service technicians find an answer or step-by-step instructions to resolve an issue quickly while under pressure to get a critical piece of equipment running. 

We help customers get their product working correctly before they get frustrated when it takes too long (or too many tries) to resolve an issue. 

We help service and support leaders improve service quality while keeping teams happy, empowered, and productive.

Resolve the long tail of issues with AI built for complex service environments

Neuron7 AI solutions were built specifically to help Fortune 1000 companies accurately diagnose and resolve their most difficult service issues. Many other AI solutions focus on automating responses to frequently occurring issues, which is useful, but doesn’t address the needs of more complex service organizations. 

Using the latest AI, Neuron7 analyzes unstructured service data from any source and turns it into “Service Resolution Intelligence” that addresses the long tail of product issues

Service teams don’t just need resolution intelligence for the top 10 most common issues. They also need to resolve the 50th most common issue, and the 170th issue, and so on, and they need to do so quickly. Neuron7 was built for complexity and provides accurate turn-by-turn guidance to resolve the long tail of issues, for the most sophisticated products.

Get the right information to the right person, in any service channel

AI for Complex Service Environments

To provide an answer when you need it, AI needs to be available where you need it. Neuron7’s Service Resolution Intelligence is available where you need it, which could be within your CRM, chat, service portal, or other existing service workflow. 

And the type of information you need depends on who you are and what you’re trying to do. A call center agent might need to triage and route a call, where a field service technician needs to fix a CT scanner, and a customer simply wants an answer. 

Neuron7 helps agents resolve or route a call and gives technicians step-by-step guidance to resolve complex issues within your CRM. Generative AI (GPT) models present accurate service resolution intelligence in any conversational app, across languages.

Neuron7 creates Service Resolution Intelligence based on your organization’s service data, curated by your experts, that can be used in different ways by different teams, including engineers who can add new information to Neuron7 in real time, creating an unprecedented, single source of truth across the entire organization. 

Neuron7’s AI solutions offer a completely new approach to distill complexity into actionable insight for service, delivering 90%+ resolution accuracy in the world’s largest organizations, speeding up resolutions and onboarding, while improving the experience for people in every role and at every step of the customer service journey.

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Resolve issues faster with AI that understands your service data and continually learns as you use it.