AI vs. a Rules Engine

Getting started in AI for service can be complicated, with an ever expanding landscape of vendors with solutions. Some “AI solutions” are actually rules engines, which are static sets of rules or “if/then” statements that need to be manually created and maintained. 

Neuron7’s Service Resolution Intelligence brings together knowledge from thousands of people, data sources, and interactions across your service environment. 

Generating accurate resolutions from people and vast data sets in complex service environments requires true AI. 

AI is able to analyze heterogenous data and human input at scale, continually improving accuracy over time through autonomous learning.  AI is NOT a set of static rules. Here are some of the key differences: 


Neuron AI Solutions

Rules Engine

Data analysis

Analyzes heterogenous data from any source, including unstructured notes and human input

Omits key unstructured data sources like notes and can’t incorporate human input in real time

At scale

 Able to analyze thousands of products, issues, and resolution steps

Can’t analyze data at scale, may focus on a single product as a proof of concept

Knowledge capture

Continually learns from data and people to optimize resolution paths in real-time

Rules need to be manually updated, which is time consuming and expensive

Subject matter expert (SME) involvement

Limited SME involvement to validate accuracy of AI models

Heavy SME involvement to create and maintain rules

Accurate resolutions

Get to 90%+ accuracy faster with AI that drives trust, user adoption, and ROI

Rules quickly become stale, leading to inaccuracy, low user adoption, and ROI

Why it Matters

Fundamental differences in an AI-first solution vs. a rules engine leads to significant and lasting impacts on your service organization.

If you have a complex service environment, you need fast, accurate resolutions at scale that continually optimize in real time. True AI is the only way to deliver this at scale, with ongoing accuracy and limited SME involvement.

Validating the ability of your AI solution to deliver accuracy across thousands of products and issues, with deployment timelines and SME requirements confirmed by customer references, is a crucial step in understanding your total cost of ownership.

Neuron7’s AI is purpose-built for complex service environments and requires minimal tuning by your SMEs. This frees your top talent to engineer new products and focus on your most challenging issues, while your AI learns and shares optimized resolution paths with your entire service organization.

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