AIaaS for Complex Service Environments

Rapid AI innovation is driving transformative value for service. But reaping the rewards while avoiding pitfalls requires a deep understanding of both AI and the complex service domain. That’s where AI-as-a-service (AIaaS) comes in.

With a true AI partner at your side, you can easily incorporate the latest AI approaches and continually tune the models to deliver accurate resolutions for complex service environments.  

The technologies, business use cases, and support included in AIaaS providers varies wildly.

It’s critical to find an AIaaS partner that provides the right fit and value. Keeping several key vetting factors in mind will help guide you in your journey.

What support is included by your AIaaS partner?

While AIaaS for complex service environments aims to deliver useful, accurate, easy-to-consume resolution information to end-users, the process to get there requires advanced AI expertise.

Once in place, monitoring and maintaining your solution is paramount to ongoing success and user confidence.

Ensure your AI partner is as obsessed with accurate outputs as you are and they include tuning of your AI-generated resolutions for the life of your contract.

Who looks after your success?

With this paradigm shift of technology, Customer Success must also evolve to properly support customers.

AIaaS customer service managers should have a technical skillset far beyond that of plug and play SaaS products.
Working with Customer Success teams that operate as technical account managers ensures your AI solution consistently delivers accurate information.
"The team at Neuron7 said, ‘let’s work with you to make this happen’ and that continues to this day. This is not just off-the-shelf products or static algorithms. It truly is a collaborative effort."
Chandan Banerjee, Ciena
Chandan Banerjee
Director, Global Services Digital Innovation

What is required of your subject matter experts (SME)?

The time required of your SMEs, both at the outset of the project, and for the life of the solution, will have a significant impact on your organization. The more they are required to work on rolling out and maintaining an AI solution, the less they can perform their day job.

Advanced AI solutions that learn and optimize resolution paths autonomously require minimal tuning time from your SMEs. This frees up your top talent to resolve your most challenging issues and support your customers.


SMEs, for good reason, are highly valued team members that have a massive impact on your organization’s success and efficiency. In turn, the time required of SMEs also represents a significant factor in the overall cost of an AI product.

Validate vendors’ deployment timelines and resource requirements with references from current customers. Gaining this information allows you to understand the true total cost of ownership for AIaaS.

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