Comparing AI vs. Rules Engines (and Why it Matters)

Getting started in AI for service can be complicated. Especially with an expanding landscape of “AI solution” vendors, many of which are actually based on rules engines.

True AI-driven solutions work by analyzing vast amounts of data using advanced algorithms to find patterns and generate insights. AI continually and autonomously improves accuracy of output from newly discovered causes and next steps.

AI is not a set of static rules. Without constant and costly manual maintenance, “AI” based on rules can only become less accurate over time as your business (inevitably) evolves.

Understanding the Difference

Why it Matters

Fundamental differences in rules engines vs. AI-first solutions lead to significant and lasting impacts on your service organization.

Validating deployment timelines and SME requirements with references from current customers is a crucial step to understanding your total cost of ownership.

AI solutions purpose-built for service environments require minimal tuning by your SMEs. This frees your top talent to continue to resolve your most challenging issues, while your AI learns and shares optimized resolution paths with your entire service organization.

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