How to Discover the True Value of Enterprise Service Data

Why Knowledgebase Search

The service industry is a bedrock of modern society. Every device/appliance/equipment/software that we have come to love and lean on sometimes fails. When that happens, it appears to us that the marvel of technology, the beauty of engineering, all has come to naught.

We all want the underlying issue to be resolved asap in a frictionless way, and therefore, we quickly engage a service provider to restore order to our universe. But we forget that the simple and seamless UX that we love hides behind itself the tremendous complexity of the product.

It is rarely, if ever, possible for the service agent to know everything about every product that they expected to support. And thus, starts what seems like an endless cycle of general questions, trial and error, and hit or a miss kind of troubleshooting. But it does not have to be this way. After all, the information needed to resolve every ticket is available somewhere within the enterprise. The problem is not that the issue is hard to solve, but the problem is that the information needed to solve the issue is hard to extract and not available at the point of service.

This is where Neuron7 helps service organizations transform their workflow. Instead of relying on the agent’s memory/experience or the ingenuity to fish out the relevant information from a knowledge base, manuals, etc., Neuron7 provides a guided resolution approach to the agent.

Neuron7 AI does so by training itself on the enterprise data, detecting signals and patterns in the unstructured data, identifying issues, identifying resolutions, and then auto associating them with solutions. N7 AI does all this without needing any human intervention.

Neuron7 harnesses the power of your data using proprietary NLP techniques. Come, test-drive our solution. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out how much gold is hidden in your data.

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