Top 3 Field Service Challenges to Solve with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps field service leaders empower technicians and improve overall service efficiency, while doing more with less. There are many potential applications of AI-generated insight. So, what challenges do organizations want to tackle first? 

Neuron7 talks to field service leaders every day and collect data on the problems they are trying to solve. 

Three pain points consistently top the list:

  1. Expert Knowledge Capture
  2. First Time Fix
  3. Finding Information Easily via Search

Expert Knowledge Capture

Employees are leaving companies at a higher rate than ever before, either from retirement or churn, and knowledge is walking out the door with them. For years, field service organizations have leaned on mentors and manuals, but now there aren’t as many experts to onboard new hires and update knowledge. Neuron7 captures expertise as your team uses its AI predictions.

First Time Fix Rate

Field service leaders are being asked to cut costs without impacting customer satisfaction, while the products they support are becoming more complex.  82% of customers expect complex problems to be resolved by one person quickly, according to a Salesforce State of Service study in 2021. Neuron7 diagnoses issues in seconds and guides technicians step-by-step to resolve.

Finding Information Easily via Search

Service teams struggle to find relevant information. Knowledge base articles continually decay and keyword-based search gives irrelevant results. Time spent looking for information is the #2 least favorite part of a technician’s day-to-day job, according to Service Council’s 2022 Service Leader’s Agenda survey. Neuron7 keeps knowledge updated, with search that points to exact answers.

Emerging: Reducing Parts Wastage

Field service leaders are also prioritizing the use of AI to reduce the cost of replacement parts. With accurate diagnosis and the most optimum resolution path at their fingertips, technicians can solve problems without “shotgunning” parts. Instead of relying on new parts to resolve issues, technicians understand the root cause and can choose a simpler, less expensive fix if available. Parts management is increasingly important as supply chain issues continue into 2023.

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