Highlights from Field Service Palm Springs

It was a great week at Field Service Palm Springs. One of the clear themes from the event is that service leaders are ready to embrace AI solutions but have questions about how to get started.

Service leaders from Neuron7 customers NCR Atleos and TK Elevator helped answer that question. Both launched major AI projects with Neuron7 and shared their experience with attendees. Highlights included:

Results and Advice from NCR Atleos

  • NCR Atleos reduced revisits by 25% and saved 400,000 minutes (with Neuron7 paying for itself in 2.5 months).
  • “When you think about reframing risk, think about the $70m you’re spending to fix the same thin. Don’t worry about the tiny relative cost to invest in new tools. In that way it became a no brainer.”
  • “There was essentially a 4x ROI out of the box. We could have continued the pilot, but we just needed to move based on those results and the technician response being so positive. The potential is there for 10 or 12x.”
  • “Diagnostics will get our revisits under control, but the most exciting part is moving to true preventative maintenance that will bring our call volume down. Can 5.7m calls be 3.5-4m? That’s a few hundred million dollars in potential savings.”

Impacts at TK Elevator

  • TK Elevator reduced call handle time by 3 minutes and reduced inbound calls by an amazing 28% (with glowing reviews from the technicians using Neuron7).
  • “Being a global organization with constantly evolving technology, we are collecting data all over the world with Neuron7. This benefits regions which may have never used some of the products that are being rolled out.”
  • “If an elevator is out X amount of time, we have to start paying the customers. So our ROI has really come from keeping technicians informed with the tools that work at their fingertips. We couldn’t have done this without AI.”

  • “Our technicians are really enjoying the fact that they have it on their phone and it’s in the same platform that they already use. Now information is just in a much easier format for them to get to. That’s been the sentiment from the field, ‘you’ve made my life easier, so thank you.’”
"That’s been the sentiment from the field, 'you’ve made my life easier, so thank you.'"
Thomas Shanks
Director of Operations, TK Elevator​

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