Resolution Intelligence for Service

What is Resolution Intelligence? 

Resolution Intelligence is data-driven insight that helps solve service issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. No matter where you solve problems: customer self-service, agents, technical support, field service, or engineers, resolution intelligence helps you find the most optimum path.

Neuron7 generates resolution intelligence by using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze product manuals, past cases, knowledge base articles, technician notes, and any other data–structured or unstructured–about how issues are solved in your organization. 

Then, Neuron7 predicts the fastest and most efficient resolution for any issue, for any user, on any channel.

Customer Self-Service

Help customers find answers to questions on their own. Improve CSAT while deflecting calls.


Help support agents triage and route calls. Provide step-by-step guidance to resolve issues quickly.

Field Service & Repair

Guide technicians through resolutions step-by-step to fix any issue, for any product, while capturing knowledge.

Technical Support

Help your users find answers in documentation, troubleshoot issues, and get the most out of your products.

Your Resolution System of Record

By bringing together all of your data and expertise, Neuron7 creates a “resolution system of record” that is available within your existing workflows.

Your resolution system of record
Resolution Intelligence Drives Service Outcomes

Transform your service organization:

  • Enable Self-Service 

  • Capture Expert Knowledge

  • Identify Gaps in Knowledge Base

  • Find Information Easily (Search)

  • Empower Agents & Technicians

  • Generate Service Insights

Improve key metrics:

  • Call Deflection
  • First Call Resolution
  • Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR)
  • First Time Fix
  • Parts Wastage
  • Average Call Handle Time
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
What are your top service pain points? 

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Resolve issues faster with AI that understands your service data and continually learns as you use it.