AI for BPOs in customer and field service



When your clients rely on you to provide excellent service to their customers, AI-generated resolution intelligence ensures that your service teams have the information they need to resolve issues faster. and AI to take productivity and efficiency to a new level.

Simplify Complexity

Use AI to understand service data at scale across product models, components, errors, and resolutions.

Increase Accuracy

Identify the best resolution to hardware, software, and firmware issues including parts and skills needed to fix.

Improve CSAT

Resolution accuracy increases uptime and helps you meet (or exceed) SLAs to reduce costs and keep customers happy.


Faster Issue Isolation


Resolution Accuracy

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Neuron7 AI solutions to help business process outsourcing (BPOs)

N7 Service Predictions

Accurately identify issues, resolution steps, and skills & parts required.

N7 Intelligent Diagnostics

Get step-by-step guidance to resolve issues in complex service environments.

N7 Intelligent Search

Find exact answers you need to resolve issues, not a list of links like keyword search.

N7 Resolution GPT

Give your service teams access to conversational guidance to resolve issues. 

Trusted by enterprise organizations across industries

Abbott Laboratories
Parkview Health
Swisslog Healthcare
“Neuron7 brings the power of AI to our support desk and field service to increase first call resolutions, reduce call handle times, and give junior reps the ability to perform at the level of top experts.”
Ricardo Gonzalez
SVP Softtek

Integrate resolution intelligence in existing workflows


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