Top AI Use Cases for Service

Customer service leaders need to improve key metrics, while products are becoming more complex, the information needed to support them is spread across organizations, and talent is hard to find (and retain). 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can help, with the ability to analyze vast amounts of data and generate insight to resolve service issues. AI can ingest your user manuals, knowledge base articles, past case notes, technician notes, and more to create a “resolution system of record” to diagnose and resolve issues across service tiers. 

The top use cases for AI depend on the type of service environment: 

AI for Support Centers and Service Desks

Fast, accurate call triage is critical for support centers and service desks. Simple calls require quick turnaround, and complex calls require accurate routing. AI can help agents accurately predict symptom code classification, parts, routing, and time to fix. These predictions lead to more first call resolutions, while reducing the average call handle time.

AI for Field Service and Repair Centers

Complex field service organizations may have hundreds of products with thousands of related errors or malfunctions, and even more resolution paths. Neuron7’s AI provides step-by-step guidance to resolve any issue, for any product, while continuously learning and capturing knowledge from your data and your experts. This improves key metrics like uptime and first time fix, while also helping you capture knowledge.

AI for Auto-Resolution Ready Environment

In most organizations, 20-50% of calls are for simple, repeating issues with consistent resolutions. AI provides accurate, automated resolutions in conversational channels like a chatbot or Slack. The AI continually learns (unlike rules-based chatbots) and improves call deflection and self-service success.

Neuron7 Provides a Range of AI Solutions

Many environments are a combination of types and Neuron7 provides modular AI solutions that fit the needs of your service organization. If you’d like to learn more about how AI can help you improve metrics while doing more with less, set up a call with one of our AI experts. 

Want to Learn More?

Watch Niken Patel, CEO of Neuron7 and Nathali Lopez, Business Relationship Manager for Hospitality Industry at Softtek present “AI Use Cases for Customer Service: Doing More with Less” at the TSIA conference. Together, Neuron7 and Softtek helped a service desk at a leading restaurant company reduce call handle time from 7 minutes to 1 minute by accurately predicting issue category and sub-category.