The Role of IoT and Machine Data in Service Intelligence

Device and Machine Data Helps You Make Accurate Predictions

With more and more data available from IoT devices and equipment assets, service leaders can now pinpoint the source of an error as soon as it occurs, identify co-occurring errors, and predict the top 3 next likely errors.

There are typically two primary data sources around a device or machine:
1.) Sensor telemetry data of the asset itself
2.) Peripheral data related to an asset’s service history and customer profile 

IoT and connected device diagnostics on its own does not give accurate predictions. AI adds a layer of understanding to accurately read your service data including specific terminology, product models, and errors to make accurate predictions at scale. 

Bespoke AI Gives You Comprehensive, Accurate Predictions at Scale

Co-relations between sensor and enterprise data pave the way for the ultimate customer experience. By processing both structured and unstructured data, service leaders can make accurate predictions and move toward predictive, proactive service.

Neuron7 analyzes IoT and machine data, past cases, knowledge base articles, service manuals, notes, and any other data about how issues are solved in your organization to create game changing resolution intelligence at scale.

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