Why IoT and Machine Data by Themselves are Not Enough for Service Intelligence?

Data Science behind Predictive Diagnostics & Preventative Maintenance.

The Key Hypothesis in Predictive Diagnostics: Given all the available data around an asset or equipment, can you accurately pinpoint the exact source of an error as soon as it occurs? Can you spot co-occurring errors seen along with this one? Predict the top 3 errors likely to occur on an asset in the next quarter?

The predictive accuracy of AI put to work on diagnostics data collected from 1000 doctors is better than the diagnosis provided by the best doctor in the world. Always!

This Predictive Intelligence would be a game-changer if operationalized across industries.

Get started ASAP, as you should not lose out on years of learning. Think about everything your AI is missing out on…that is going on in your business right now.

There are typically two primary data sources around a machine and customer:
1.) Sensor telemetry data of the asset itself and
2.) All the peripheral data related to this asset and the asset’s customer profile, service history – enterprise data!

A lot of people think that IoT data collection is the end of all diagnostics.

But, IOT or Connected Device Diagnostics just by themselves do not give accurate predictions. There is a reason why you don’t take your blood work and health reports from the lab directly to the pharmacy to get your prescription. You go to the doctor or an expert proficient in reading data, terminology, acronyms, errors, products, etc.

A Bespoke AI…Neuron7’s Aim

Co-relations between sensor and enterprise data pave the way for the ultimate customer experience. In Enterprise data, while everyone is processing the structured data, we think leveraging Unstructured data is critical – because that is where the gold is!

While very hard to come by, expertise that can enable NLP and ontology detection to your company’s data can be a real game-changer.
That is how Neuron7 can help you change the game.

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