New Year’s (First Call) Resolutions with AI

Start 2023 off right with a new approach to customer service. If you’d like to resolve issues faster, empower your teams, and do more with less, technology can help.

Customers expect help with issues in their first interaction with you, regardless of channel. Unfortunately, most service organizations operate across silos with knowledge trapped in user manuals, articles, past cases, cheat sheets, and in the heads of agents. Some of it is out of date, there may be version control issues, or the information may be confusing.

How can you pull all this together and provide a consistent, effortless experience?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is well suited to solve this problem. AI analyzes all your data—structured or unstructured and regardless of source—to find the exact information you need to resolve any issue on the first try. 

Many customers prefer to solve problems on their own. Their first stop is your website, where they may engage with your chatbot or search your self-service portal to find an answer. 

Other customers start with a phone call. Regardless of whether their issue is simple or complex, they want to be connected to an agent who is empowered to help and provide the right answer on the first try. 

Getting a customer or agent to the right answer about “how” to resolve issues, on any channel, is now possible with AI. Customers and agents can tap into your AI-powered “resolution system of record” from any channel: search, your chatbot, or within your existing CRM.

No matter where the interaction takes place, AI predicts the most accurate answer behind the scenes and provides the answer in the same channel in seconds.  

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to increase first call resolutions, let’s chat. 

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Resolve issues faster with AI that understands your service data and continually learns as you use it.