Top AI Use Cases for Customer Service

Top AI Use Cases for Service Customer service leaders need to improve key metrics, while products are becoming more complex, the information needed to support them is spread across organizations, and talent is hard to find (and retain).  Artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can help, with the ability to analyze vast amounts […]

Cure Your AI Hangover with Neuron7

Cure Your AI Hangover with Neuron7 Burned by AI? Many so-called AI solutions are actually rules engines AI works by analyzing vast amounts of data using algorithms to identify patterns and generate insights. AI continually learns and is good at identifying causes and next steps. AI is NOT a set of static rules. Many “AI” […]

Why IoT & Machine Data Alone, are Not Enough for Service Intelligence

The Role of IoT and Machine Data in Service Intelligence Device and Machine Data Helps You Make Accurate Predictions With more and more data available from IoT devices and equipment assets, service leaders can now pinpoint the source of an error as soon as it occurs, identify co-occurring errors, and predict the top 3 next […]

How to Discover the True Value of Enterprise Data with Neuron7

Unlock the Value of Enterprise Service Data AI Captures Knowledge from Data Spread Across Your Organization Customers rely on the service industry for help when the device, appliance, equipment, or software that we lean on fails.  We want the underlying issue to be resolved as quickly as possible in a frictionless way, and engage a […]